Calise Design Studios was born as a creative outlet aside from our day to day work in hopes to, one day, make it our focus. That day has arrived. Our name is plural since our creative outlets are far beyond one and it has been our goal to create a different studio that describes what we do under one name. Our journey started with the Furniture Studio designing and building furniture combining new and reclaimed wood.
In it we are working on different areas: furniture design collections which includes patio furniture and European style inspired credenzas. Since then we have created several other smaller studios such as the Soap Making and Accessories Studio which includes our unique collection of wooden soap dishes inspired by Japanese design and our modern shower table design inspired by vintage 1940’s-1950’s design. We love clean lines and the pure design aesthetic of this era. We like to concentrate our focus on the Furniture Studio, Architectural design and Drafting Studio where we specialize on architectural design, space planning and visualization of your future space in the residential and commercial area. This studio gives us the opportunity to collaborate with other architectural and design firms, builders and developers. Our most recent studio is Digital Art Studio where we give new life to photographs and make art with them for you to display at home, your business and more. In our Digital Art Studio, we do portraits, architectural renderings, and even pets’ portraits! Moreover, we love working with Photographers!

Stay tune for more to come.